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TK Sparta Praha came into existence in 1905 and is considered to be one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in the Czech Republic. A lot of famous tennis personalities, who wrote the history of Czech tennis, were raised in our tennis club. The club can boast of having the biggest number of tennis legends that were inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport.




The club acts as a National Tennis Center. The best tennis players in the Czech Republic, in all age categories, are training here, (Radek Štěpánek, Lukáš Rosol, Lukáš Dlouhý, František Čermák, Klára Zakopalová, Karolína a Kristýna Plíškovy, Kateřina Siniaková, Marie Bouzková and more…) In the past, tennis legends such as Martina Navrátilová, Helena Suková, Jan Kodeš, František Pála, Cyril Suk prepared for tournaments here. Hana Mandlíková has become the official face of TK Sparta Praha and she actively helps to develop young tennis talents.

The tennis club Sparta was moved to park Stromovka after the Second World War and is located approximately 10minutes from the center of Prague. Stromovka is one of the biggest and oldest parks in the city. The park offers many acres of green fields, several lakes, cycling and roller blade tracks and other facilities. It is the perfect location for active and passive relaxation and a welcome oasis in our hectic city. 





Today´s Sparta is the result of a huge reconstruction after the destructive floods in 2002 and 2013 that destroyed the club. Thanks to the entire renovation it now features 16 outdoor tennis courts (12 clay courts and 4 hard courts) and 3 indoor hard courts in the summer season. In the winter season there are 9 indoor courts available. For the entire year, we offer gym and an excellent physical rehabilitation center, currently under the care of our physiotherapist Mr. Kovač. We have a barrier-free access and large parking lot monitored by cameras, which will help you to enjoy your stay. The restaurant has an award winning interior (1st prize in the prestigious architectural contest "Grand Prix 2004 Czech Republic") along with an outdoor terrace, conference rooms, a garden pavilion and, of course, with excellent cuisine.

Since April 2009 the Tennis club Sparta Praha is managed by Česká sport - tenis, which is a subsidiary of Česká sportovní a.s. and works in close association with TK Plus s.r.o. These companies have a record of successful business, sport and social activities and jointly share the development of Tennis Sparta.

We believe that our modern facility, as well as the overall atmosphere, can be appreciated not only by top sportsmen but also by anybody for whom sport is a part of a lifestyle. Our goal is to provide a facility where our clients feel a part of a family.

  • TK Sparta Praha Otevřeno Po-Pá 7:00-22:00, So-Ne 8:00-21:00

  • Trenérský tým 2017

  • Mistři ČR smíšených družstev dorost 2017

  • Vícemistři Extraliga 2017

  • Petr Kvitová JTB Open 2018

  • Kateřina Siniaková Vítězka Roland Garros 2018

  • Kateřina Siniaková Vítězka Wimbledonu 2018

  • Vícemistři Babytenis 2018

  • Mistři Mčr Minitenis 2018

  • Mistři ČR smíšených družstev starší žáci 2018

  • Vícemistři Mčr Dorost 2018

TK Sparta Praha